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Your First Visit to PATVDH!!

If you’re planning to visit PATVDH for the first time, please take a little time to read through the following information.


PATVDH main entrance

♦  First time driving here. If you have never been to PATVDH and are driving here for the first time, it is important for you to study our Location Map before coming.

The entrance to PATVDH uses a private road that is NOT on GPS navigation maps. So if you enter PATVDH address into the GPS device, it will not be able to guide you here. Also the cell phones do not get reception here.

We suggest you bring along our Location Map to guide you through the private road till PATVDH main entrance.

Location map




♦  Parking. For loading and unloading your dana items, you may want to pull up near the Roundabout and House B/Danasala Hall.

House B / Danasala Hall

House B / Danasala Hall

After that, you may park your car at the Visitors Parking Lots.

Visitors Parking Lots

Visitors Parking Lots

♦  No smoking. Please do not smoke anywhere in the premises as we are in an extremely high fire danger area.

♦  Avoid driving to Sayadaw’s Kuti and Meditation Hall. Unless necessary, please avoid driving to Sayadaw’s kuti or Meditation Hall as the noise will disturb to all who are meditating in the Hall or resting in their kuti. Please park your car at the Visitors Parking Lots (near the entrance gate, turn right).

♦  Speak softly. Please try to speak softly especially when you are anywhere within hearing distance of the meditation hall and dining area during Sayadaw’s meal time.

♦ Avoid communicating or visiting to residents. Please do not communicate or visit our resident monks, nuns or meditators to avoid disturbances to their meditation practice especially during their vassa/rain retreat. Should you have any Dhamma questions, you may wish to approach the Centre’s Management.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation!
Welcome to PATVDH and we wish you have a pleasant visit!
Sādhu! Sāadhu! Sādhu!
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