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A Donor’s Guide on “How To Fulfill Your Purest Dāna Parami”

Dāna, the act of giving, is a very fundamental merit according to the Buddha’s Teaching if we perform it with the purest Cetanā (intention) in accordance to Dhamma.

It is important that Donors know the Dhamma involved in dāna in order to produce the best merit. This Donor’s Guide is given for the benefit of Donors who wish to fulfill dāna parami to the purest degree.

We wish all donors who come to join the good deeds in PATVDH are to fulfill the best quality of all good deeds, whether it is the Dhamma dāna, material dāna, or contribution in the form of service.

Dāna is only one of the many helpful and relevant conditions affecting a person’s readiness to receive Dhamma only, being the contribution of his selflessness, detachment, loving-kindness and other wholesome and noble qualities cultivated throughout his pure dāna to his Dhamma practice.

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