PATVDH Big Group Meal Dana

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma,

If you are planning to offer meal dana @ PATVDH in a big group, we would greatly appreciate for your kind co-operation to brief your group to observe the following guidelines while performing meal dana here:-

1. Upon Arrival

Outside deck       

  • 1-2 persons to sweep the Outside Deck upon arrival @ PATVDH
  • all the shoes are to place at the designated place, so that the shoes will not obstruct the walkway for Sayadaw & the Sangha


2. Preparation For Sayadaw’s Food

Dana for Sayadaw

  • some people are to be in the Danasala Hall to prepare the dana food for Sayadaw into small bowls


3. Preparation For Pindapata For The Sangha

Dana for sangha1

  • some people are to set up the tables at the Outside Deck and to arrange the dana food for Sangha Pindapata
  • please arrange the dana food on the tables (with spoons, forks, tongs, scoops etc) in such order:
1. Rice
2. Noodles
3. Main dishes
4. Soup (extra)*
5. Salads
6. Fruits
7. Desserts & Drinks
* Heat up the Soup, put into thermal containers and offer to the Bhikkhus & Sayalays. Any extra soup will be arranged on the table.


4. Offering To Pa Auk Sayadaw

Q-up to offer Sayadaw

  • the donors are to queue up in line and each one to take a dish to offer to Sayadaw

5. Offering To Sangha

Q-up to offer Sangha

  • the donors are to queue up in line and each one to take a dish to offer

 6. After Offering

Partake lunch       

  • the donors can start to partake their lunch after the Sangha has left for their kutis
  • please observe silence as Pa Auk Sayadaw is still taking his meal inside the Danasala Hall
  • finish your lunch latest by 12:30pm

7. After Lunch

 Wash dishes      

  • to clear the tables and the remaining food     
  • shift the outside tables to the right side of the Danasala Hall
  • prepare 3 basins of water to wash all the dishes
  • 5 steps for dishes washing
(a) wash with soap
(b) rinse once
(c) rinse twice
(d) dry up
(e) return the washed dishes to right place @ PATVDH Kitchen
  • 1-2 persons to sweep the Outside Deck
  • 1 person to sweep inside the Danasala Hall
  • 1 person to mop inside the Danasala Hall
  • to remove all the garbages

Further Pointers To Take Note :-

  1. Please prepare your own disposal plates, bowl, spoons, forks, napkins, trash bags, dishwashing soap, drying cloths
  2. While eating, all the Donors are to observe silence
  3. Please try to finish your meal latest by 12:30 pm
  4. Remaining food are to clear & to bring back as our Dhamma Volunteers do not take dinner @ PATVDH – do not leave food behind
  5. All the cleanup should be completed not later than 1:30 pm.
  6. Your group is then to proceed to the Dhamma Hall to pay respects to Sayadaw at 1.30 pm.

Our Dhamma Volunteers will also be around to assist your group; please feel free to check with our Dhamma Volunteers should you have any queries.

Meal dana starts at:  


5:30am to 6:45am


11:00am to 12:30pm
Finish your meal Latest by 12:30 pm
Clean up should be completed Not later than 1:30 pm
Proceed to the Dhamma Hall to pay respects to Sayadaw  1:30 pm

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Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

May you be well, happy and peaceful! 
May you attain Nibbāna!
Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!