New to Meditation?

What do we teach at PATVDH? We emphasize on the teaching and training of both Samatha and Vipassanā meditation – the practice of the Noble Eight Fold Path leading to the cessation of suffering, Nibbāna. 

Samatha is the development of concentration, and Vipassanā is the development of wisdom. Samatha is a very important foundation for Vipassanā. In the Khandha Saṁyutta and Sacca Saṁyutta, The Buddha says:

 Samādhiṁ, bhikkhave, bhāvetha.

Samāhito, bhikkhave, bhikkhu yathābhutaṁ pajānāti. 

(Bhikkhus, cultivate concentration.

With concentration, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu understands things as they really are.)

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